Dear participants, ladies & gentlemen,

due to the Corona-crisis we may be forced to cancel this event also/again – Too early to make a final decision now!
Please check this web site for latest info

Jos F.M.Eijsermans


…the Mecca of paper money.

UPDATE per Oct 7
Right now, the PaperMoneyFair in ‘s-Hertogenbosch/Den Bosch should take place….!
Over 110 dealers booked already (participants list is updated again) + some 10-15 others expressed their interest in participation… still 2 weeks to go!
HOWEVER : I – like nobody – can look into the future. There is still a very small (!) chance of the event HAVING to be stopped. For now… I have to be realistic.
See you in October??
Need more info about COVID Rules & Regulations in the Netherlands : please check

Welcome to the

spring & autumn/fall
Paper Money Fairs

Next date

23th & 24th
of october

Opening Times:
Sat 09.oo-18.3oh
Sun 10.oo-16.ooh

Paper money
collectors of the world – unite!

AUCTION: new very important detail


will be the new official auctioneer for future PaperMoneyFairs.
Auctions all to be conducted in one of the many rooms of the



I am no dealer, am I welcome?

Of course you are welcome, collector and dealer alike. In case you want to trade notes with other collectors and dealers, you are allowed to book a stand.

This events needs collectors like it needs dealers to participate and together make it a successful week-end for all.

Can I bring my family?

If you like, bring your wife, partner and children. If they does not want to keep your company all day at “that boring bourse”, there are plenty of things for them to do as well.

One of them is going to Den Bosch city centre, where you will find plenty of shops in all price ranges. It is a very enjoyable town. Why not come and see by yourself.

Can I bring my duplicates?

of course you can bring your duplicate banknotes to the bourse!

First of all, some dealers (not all however) will accept your duplicate notes or (part of) your collection you want to sell, in trade for notes from his or her stock!

Secondly you can offer your duplicate notes to a fellow collector in the restaurant area. You may sit down and trade there, but this is only allowed between collectors!

HOWEVER: we will not allow backpacks, suitcases or briefcases stuffed with notes (read: commercial activities)  – anywhere in the building – if you have no table! So, no commercial activities in the entire building = if you have no table booked = apart from the hall where the bourse takes place! The security people will keep an eye on this.

Bring your “mystery-notes” too
Everybody has one of more notes he cannot identify, don’t hesitate to bring them. You will be surrounded by knowledgeable people! Ask for assistance at the Reception Desk.

Do I need a membership?

It is not necessary to be a member of numismatic organisation.

But we recommend a membership of the International Bank Note Society – the worldwide largest bank note collectors organisation over some 50 years already with members in almost every country on this globe!
See their web site:

German collectors we recommend the “Deutsche Geldschein- und Wertpapiersammler e.V. ”

Do I have to register before?
NO there is no need to register if you come on Saturday and/or Sunday.
For pre-bourse registration is recommended.