…this was the one and only

in Valkenburg

…Mecca of paper money

Hello to all visitors of this web site…

this space was originally intended to announce the date of the next fair… BUT… but there will not be a “next fair” by Eijsermans Events anymore because now this is no longer possible… That chapter has been closed…


It started with the Corona pandemic from March 2020 that forced me to cancel April 2020 event, as we all know. Then the unexpected continued availability of the “Polfermolen” last April (this in contrast with (“100/200% sure!”) permanent closing by 1-1-2021 as was announced a few years earlier being the only reason I had to move the event to ‘s-Hertogenbosch / Den Bosch)

Without this suddenly available hall in Valkenburg all of this happening would have been different. Totally different.

BUT most of all because an “honest organizer”(!) who has found it necessary to copy my in 37 years developed concept almost 1 on 1 : including the name of the event, as well as my old location (available because City of Valkenburg had changed plans again). Also copied was the room lay-out / table-plan which I used over the past decades and on top of that all deliberately picking the very same date as my planned & announced fair in the “Brabanthallen” (in April).

All without my permission of course! There is a name for that, isn’t there! Many dealers and collectors who understand my position and do not agree either with all that has happened – resulting in the end of the traditional and only real PaperMoneyFair – already described it as “somebody had stolen your baby”.

So after 37 years it has come to an abrupt and particularly unintentional end. I am 67 and honestly I do not have the energy anymore to start something completely new. I have been asked by really many to do this. Yes.

But my motivation, my energy and the fun has gone. The past few years have been nothing but stress, Corona and not being able to do anything re. my event in the beginning, later because of all of the above. So the chance of me starting all over is minimal to zero. Sorry.

I just want to thank all the loyal exhibitors and collectors for their participation & support over all these years!

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