Informations round about Valkenburg

...and Maastricht


The official name of the Valkenburg near Maastricht is Valkenburg aan de Geul (meaning Valkenburg on the river Geul) - is situated in the most southern part of the Netherlands. Called South-Limburg, being part of the province of Limburg.

Tourist Office Valkenburg:
Theodoor Dorrenplein 5
6301 DV Valkenburg a/d Geul
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 43 609 8500,   (from the Netherlands 0900-9798)


Many of you will say: "Valkenburg in Holland" but I have to tell you that "Holland" is only the western part of the Netherlands, nowadays consisting of the provinces North and South Holland. That is also the area where the other Dutch town by the name of Valkenburg is situated. Near The Hague that is. Some 200 KM away from "our Valkenburg".

Therefore make sure you book the hotel in the right place only phone area code "043-" is the correct one.

Valkenburg has an old history. Which can be seen from many old buildings including two medieval city gates.. a ll still in tact. It is only the ruin of the old castle on top of the hill that does not fit that description. However there are various old castles to be found in the countryside around Valkenburg that are in a much better shape.

Valkenburg is located in the only part of the Netherlands where the landscape is influenced by "mountains". At least the Dutch call them "mountains". By international standards they are just hills, but look like mountains compared to the almost flat Netherlands. It is all in the name. The highest point in the Netherlands is just outside Maastricht: The so called Sint Pietersberg. Just 110 Meters over sea level. No more!

These hills geologically are part of the Ardennes in Belgium. A long time ago it was common to cut out the houses into the hills into the soft stone creating cave houses.

In a village nearby there are still a few. Still at the beginning of the the last century Valkenburg had houses made of the same soft yellow stone locally called "mergel". In English: Marlstone. You can still see many houses in that typical yellow colour. These building stones were all locally produced over the past centuries starting from Roman times and earlier. In the hills around Valkenburg making the hills now look like Swiss cheese.

So now there are many man made caves as a result of the cutting out of the stones these houses were build from. Some of these "caves" (dutch: grotten) are commercially used nowadays, for Christmas markets, social events such as parties and guided tours including (guided!) cycletours I was told. But most of the so called caves are not accessable.

It has been a popular tourist town since the early 1930-ies. But mainly in summer season, which usually and traditionally starts after Easter each year. That explains the large number of small and large hotels, B & B's etc. in and around Valkenburg. Including many restaurants for all tastes. In all price ranges. This was one of the reasons that Valkenburg was chosen as a venue for this event, many years ago. In Spring and Autumn/Fall that is! Since during summer time we all would have great problems finding hotel accomodation since the place is then completely crowded with tourist.

Not as relaxed as over the bourse week-ends! Mountain biking, cycling, tracking are sports that are very popular in summertime. Next to sitting in the sun in one the many pavement cafes and enjoy the local food and beers. The tourist office can supply you with many brochures and maps Valkenburg and the area around it - South Limburg - are worth visiting, not only because of the "Papermoney Fairs - Maastricht" -bourses in April and September.

You should stay a bit longer if you can. All in all the town and the area are worth visiting. There is much more to do and see than what I described here. There is a more detailed selection of activities on the page.

Parking in Valkenburg

As a visitor for one day: the best solution for parking your car is the large parking called "Polefermolen" (follow signs), which is right behind the hall. The other big lot on the other side of the road is also part of it. This is just an easy 100-150 meter walk, crossing the small river Geul over a small bridge. The small town of Valkenburg has decided that a parking fee is not only due during week-days (like in almost all other towns in the Netherlands) but also during the week-end! If you want to avoid a parking fine (Euro 50 appr.) or even a wheel-clamp (much more costly and inconvenient!) , please do not forget to fill up the parking meter properly!

If you stay overnight: Parking can be costly and can only be avoided by leaving your car at your hotel if you can in most cases the hotels do have their own parking areas. If not, in many cases they have permits for the larger parking lots nearby or for parking on the street in front. With our without charge... And if you stay in a hotel in walking distance (over 90%!) that is what you should do: leave the car there & walk.

DEALER INFO: for unloading and loading you may drive up to the main doors of the Polfermolen hall to do so, but AFTER DOING SO you will have to drive around the block to park your car as described above! If your hotel is on walking distance, you may choose to return the car to your hotel and leave it there after unloading, and bring it in again on departure.

The small parking lot next to the entrance of the Polfermolen is NOT to be used by visitors, dealers or collectors alike - unfortunately. Under no circumstances you can leave your car there. It is ONLY for residents of the area: parking fine Euro 50 appr.


Also Maastricht, the oldest city in the Netherlands - now appr. 120.000 inhabitants - has a long history going back to Roman times, and even earlier Celtic times.. In Roman times being called "Mosa Trajectum". The name that over time became "Maastricht" ( in Limburg dialect called "Mestreech" )

Tourist Office Maastricht:
Kleine Staat 1
6211 ED Maastricht
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 43 325 2121


Many architectual highlights from the past 2000 years can be found in Maastricht. The Roman bridge over the river Maas is one of them. Also various museums are worth a visit. bModern history tells you about the Treaty of Maastricht back in 1992, starting the process of the introduction of the Euro in 2002 for back then 12 European countries. In the meantime other European countries have joined as well and others will in the future.

Foreign, international, a bit French these are words which Maastricht's guests often use to describe the city's characteristic atmosphere. Centuries of influence from the south and the tradition of cultural exchange in this land without borders have given Maastricht an international imprint. The old fortified town on the river Maas is developing steadily into a city of European charm.

The half-yearly summit of European heads of government has already been held here twice. Maastricht is a congress city of international standing. Maastricht also has a reputation as a city of culture.

Why not enjoy a taste of the good life in Maastricht? It is the sunniest city in the Netherlands where you can spend a short break or even just a weekend, experiencing the art of living. The sunny lifestyle of the people of Maastricht is infectious.

Maastricht sparkles! Restaurants, bars and pavement cafes abound. Nowhere in the Netherlands will you find such a choice of culinary delights within such a small radius as here. With a strongly French flavour - not surprising in the country's southernmost city - but spiced with typical regional specialities.

Shopping is another very good reason for spending a day in Maastricht. Fashion, patisserie and antiques are particularly plentiful. The sophisticated shop windows in the Stokstraat area are the height of temptation.


The "Polfermolen"- hall actually is a pretty modern building, just off the small and pittoresk town center of Valkenburg.

It now also has wireless LAN/ADSL access for participants of the bourse.
With a huge parking lot and on a 10 minute walking distance from the Valkenburg train station.

Almost all hotels and restaurants in Valkenburg are nearby and can be reached easily by walking a few minutes.

The "Polfermolen"- hall has been built for various purposes - let's call it an events building: It holds a large sports hall, theatre hall, fitness hall, swimming hall, small meeting room, bar and restaurant and a big foyer. The PaperMoneyFairs in Valkenburg are the biggest events held there over the year. These events are normally being held in the sports hall, theatre hall and the foyer that connects both. In April that is. In September (so far) only the sports hall.