Dear participants, ladies & gentlemen,

due to the Corona-crisis we may be forced to cancel this event also/again – Too early to make a final decision now!
Please check this web site for latest info

Jos F.M.Eijsermans

Links to participating dealers

…as well as links to other web sites who support this event.

Heritage Auction Galleries – U.S.A.

Ian Gradon – U.K.

De Ruiter BV – Netherlands

Sogefi Numismatique – France

Paper Money Store – Henk van Lier – Netherlands

Jakarta Currency Centre – Pieter Liem & Apriyanti – Indonesia/Canada

Ed van den Brul – Netherlands

Stema di Walter Nasi – Italy

British Notes – Pam West – U.K.

Dieter Eheim – Germany

Spink London – U.K.

Notability Banknotes – U.K.

Claudio Amato – Brazil

Coins and More GmbH – Marinus Lass

HWPH AG – Matthias Schmitt – Francisco Alcover Barrachina