Links to participating dealers

…as well as links to other web sites who support this event.

Heritage Auction Galleries – U.S.A.

Ian Gradon – U.K.

De Ruiter BV – Netherlands

Sogefi Numismatique – France

Paper Money Store – Henk van Lier – Netherlands

Jakarta Currency Centre – Pieter Liem & Apriyanti – Indonesia/Canada

Ed van den Brul – Netherlands

Stema di Walter Nasi – Italy

British Notes – Pam West – U.K.

Dieter Eheim – Germany

Spink London – U.K.

Notability Banknotes – U.K.

Claudio Amato – Brazil

Coins and More GmbH – Marinus Lass

HWPH AG – Matthias Schmitt – Francisco Alcover Barrachina