Dear participants, ladies & gentlemen,

due to the Corona-crisis we may be forced to cancel this event also/again – Too early to make a final decision now!
Please check this web site for latest info

Jos F.M.Eijsermans


…some rules and regulations.

You would like to book a stand for the bourse?

As a dealer or collector you have just fill in the form below. After that you will get the booking form via email. Please return this to us. PLEASE NOTE: if you book late, only 2-3 weeks before the event starts, you may not be included in the program booklet since that will be too late for the printer.

Enter on friday (or sooner)

In case you want to enter on Friday already (with the stand holders) but you do not need or want a stand yourself: You CAN enter – BUT the entrance then is Euro 100 paid on arrival (Friday! sooner more!) and you will have to wait till the entering stand holders have been processed. They have priority.

Early bird

Other advantage is that you will be allowed in together with the stand-holders. This is valid for entry all week-end early entry too. You then also will receive a lanyard with your name on to be picked up at the pre-bourse! = ready printed when pre-ordered, others will be hand written made on arrival.

Your own table

Many stand holders do book in April for September and/or April next year – already on departure. In September the same situation, booking for April and/or September next year – making sure they will get the table from last time. And receiving a discount for early payment too.


For visitors collectors & dealers

standholders and non-standholders, collectors and dealers

Commercial activity? Dealing or trading and you booked no table? As a collector (or dealer) you are always free to trade or sell to dealers with a stand. Of course! If you are a collector you are most welcome to sit down in the restaurant area and trade with fellow collectors.

As long as there is no large scale dealing, there is no problem. However, briefcase, suitcase and backpack dealers are kindly reminded that other dealers paid a table fee to participate in this bourse.

If you choose to set up your (free) stand in the restaurant area – or anywhere else in the building – you will be told by the security people and Organistion to stop dealing immediately. If seen a second time you can be removed from the room!

If you want to offer notes to dealers, go to their table! If you want to offer notes to collectors, book a table!

For standholders

NO NON-PAPERMONEY COLLECTIBLES ALLOWED during Saturday & Sunday! During dealersbourse on Friday no restrictions! We choose not to allow more than one independant dealer at a table under the name of just one of them! This is in your own interest and also in the interest of the visitor (collector/dealer) at your table! Any business done will be done under your name, since that is the name in the program your table is listed under. It may be confusing for your customers and in case any bad deals are made, they look to be made by you, not the other dealer at your table sharing. Therefore every dealer should be listed under his own name. You should book a shared table or two 1/2 tables under your and his name instead! 

Back-up tables may not be used to enlarge your tablesize. They areto be used as storage place behind you, and your table! These may not be used as enlargements of your table by putting them directly behind, or (in an angle) along your table, to create a larger table.

Enlarging your tables by using your own tables, boxes or otherwise is not allowed! So you cannot use other structures like own gardentables or boards e.g. It is not a flee market! If you need more space – book an enlarged or extra table please.

Tables may not be sublet without the approval of the Organisation!

Contemporary and collectable forgeries should be identified as such! 

No cleaned or doctored notes are to be offered unless identified as such! pimpa.gif Dealers should have their tables attended at all times.

The Organisation cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage.

Dealers shall provide their own insurance. Visitors, collectors (your customers) expect to find all dealers present as listed in the program they receive.

BUT if you have to leave early on the Sunday afternoon or sooner, please inform the Organisation. Thank you

All table holders as well as their assistants must wear (their own) badges visible.

Nameblock & flag should also be visible all times. 

Foreign dealers are responsable for proper declaration of their material with customs.

Standholders are kindly requested to return the badge(s) as well as the name-block & flag after the bourse! Leave the table cloth (and showcase PLUS key!) on the table.

Please mention this bourse in your pricelists and other publications!

Thank you!



On the Friday admission for dealers WITH a TABLE or a DEALER BADGE only!!! Other days on request.

DEALER BADGE: Other dealers insisting to enter will have to pay an entrance fee equal to booking a approx. 1/2 table! (You might as well book your own table in advance!)

Dealer badges only for early entrance on the Friday and Saturday available as well! Euro 100! Regular entrance fee – during regular hours – is Euro 12 (Saturday) or Euro 6 (Sunday) per day only!

Discounts possible.

Contemporary and collectable forgeries should be identified as such!
No cleaned or doctored notes are to be offered unless identified as such!

This is an purely papermoney-bourse!

This means that you may offer, for sale or trade, all kinds of papermoney as well as related items, such as literature, catalogues or albums. Bonds and stocks are welcome also!

SO… no coins, stamps or phonecards or other (non) collectibles unless these items have a relation with the banknote hobby!

The Organisation cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage.

Dealers shall provide their own insurance.

Foreign dealers are responsable for proper declaration of their material with customs.